Excel Group



Excel Group offers a fully-integrated company platform with expertise across all areas of hotel real estate investment. The company has over 75 years of experience working with over $9.5 billion of hotel assets in acquisitions, development and asset management.

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Disciplined and Nimble

Excel Group executes disciplined, cycle-appropriate acquisitions of premium-branded select-service hotels. Dynamism, speed and creativity are hallmark principles of our company's acquisitions approach. The firm implements strategies best aligned with different phases of the economic cycle while expeditiously executing and creatively structuring deals with sellers and lenders. Excel Group leverages its deep industry relationships to source compelling off-market investments and comprehensively evaluates deals to identify and achieve greater value creation than the competition. 

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Strategic and Market-Focused

Our development practice enables the firm to manage ground-up construction and renovation projects in-house, achieving substantive value savings. Expertise includes project management, construction estimating, design selection, site and zoning approval and design review. With over $100 million in construction and renovation projects, the firm has developed a deep database of industry contacts and experience. Excel Group takes a micro-market approach to its ground-up development projects, selecting strong submarkets with robust fundamentals and top-tier brands that will achieve premium performance. 

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Proactive and Data-Oriented

Excel Group employs a proactive data-centric asset management strategy to maximize portfolio value. On a real-time basis, our asset management team identifies opportunities, fixes inefficiencies and generates results. With data at its core, our asset management platform continually analyzes financials and key performance indicators to ensure optimal asset performance. Additionally, the firm leverages a proprietary business intelligence platform to identify value-add opportunities. The firm works closely with experienced class-leading operating partners that boast strong track records and optimal scale to focus on our assets. Utilizing a diversified set of operating partners, enables Excel Group to identify and implement best practices across its portfolio